Why Does Not My Muscles Are Growing – Know the reasons 

Views on how we should eat to effectively build muscle mass is not less than the theories about the most effective ways to lose weight. The multiplicity of different beliefs, a multitude of interpretations and there is widespread lack of information makes a lot of people for mass building takes the wrong side, at the outset, often committing elementary errors, and thus partially or totally frustrating slowing progress.

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Error No. 1 is too low caloric intake.

For some of us, it seems that in order to grow enough intensive and exercise regularly and eat several times a day, chicken breast, rice, oatmeal, eggs and lean dairy and drink weight gainer and protein supplements. On Internet forums can often meet with entries like “I eat a lot of meat and rice, take nutrients and supplements, and yet not I grow, what do I do?” The reason because of which such actions often do not produce the desired effect in the form of weight gain is too low supply of energy. Crucial here is the amount that is often completely overlooked issue. Pronounced weight gain is possible only if the failure to reach a surplus of energy in relation to the daily requirements related to, among others, of work, study or physical activity.

Error No. 2 Excessive focus on protein intake.

As is well known muscles are made up of building blocks called amino acids that are the source of the food products rich in protein, such as meat, dairy products, fish or eggs. Quite popular is so convinced that the rate of increase in muscle mass is proportional to the consumption of proteins. The effect of this way of thinking is a diet having a disproportionately high protein intake relative to energy nutrients. Too high intake of protein, at the same time very low carbohydrate and fat intake in the case of many individuals may make it difficult to build mass. In the absence of a significant part of an appropriate balance of intake of amino acids, instead of the directions of muscle tissue is utilized as an energetic material, which in practice is extremely inefficient. In addition, people who eat too much protein may experience prolonged satiety after consumption of meals, which makes it difficult to covering the increased energy demand.

Error No. 3 Avoiding fat.

Although it would seem that the evil spirit fat phobia was chased through scientific publications and research findings, which clearly showed that the elimination of this component of the diet of anything is not good, in some circles still is popular notion that diet focused on the growth of lean body weight, the fat should be almost completely free. And so many people think this assumption by making scrambled eggs with yolks separated proteins to post-training cocktails uses only skim milk and eats dinner only very lean meat. In fact, this approach is not only not justified, but also can hinder mass building. Based only on the low-fat products, it is difficult to meet the increased energy demand, and in extreme cases can occur shortages of important nutrients such as fat-soluble vitamins or omega 3 fatty acids.

Error No. 4 Avoid carbohydrates in the evening meal.

Quite popular practice is to eliminate the products of carbohydrate dinner. Enthusiasts of this concept argue that this practice reduces the risk of increase in fat and a positive effect on regeneration through an enhanced secretion of growth hormone. In practice, however, once that there is no evidence that avoiding carbohydrates in the evening in a positive impact on body composition, it is even there are studies that indicate that the effect of such practices can be the opposite. Moreover, the elimination of carbohydrates from dinner hamper can meet the increased energy needs of the body, and thus slow weight gains – especially if dinner is a post-workout meal.

Error No. 5 Underestimating the importance of the quality of food you eat.

In addition to the steadfast purists your menu based only on the breast of chicken, rice, broccoli, green eggs and low-fat cottage cheese are also those people that did not pay attention to what they eat, trying to just eat a lot. In practice, this involves opychaniu to junk food such as candy, chips, soft drinks or dining at fast food outlets. The result of such practices is the weight gain, but … fat, which is obviously negative impact on the body. Please note that although in the context of weight gain has primarily calories, so much on the question of what will we arrive (fat or muscle), considerable importance is also what we eat, or the quality of the food they eat.

Error No. 6 Substitution of food nutrients.

Although the participation of sports supplements can prepare a meal emergency, it is planned to substitute their conventional food products in the belief that this practice will result in the form of faster growth is not justified. Proteins, carbohydrates and protein and carbohydrate is actually highly processed foods, which, due to their specificity should be only certain dietary supplement and not a substitute. Resignation of a second breakfast in the form of sandwiches with meat and vegetables for the benefit portion of a similar calorie Gainer is a misunderstanding, like replacing a balanced dinner protein conditioner. Occasionally, lack of time – yes, you can make such treatments, but on a permanent basis – definitely not worth it.


Although the problems of weight gain is commonly pushed on “genetics”, is the most commonly they are related to committing elementary errors. Insufficient supply of energy, focus solely on providing a high intake of protein, as well as relying solely on its menu of low-fat food products make building muscle becomes extremely difficult, and sometimes – impossible. Similarly, the replacement of conventional food nutrients, fear of carbohydrates or downgrading the quality of the food you eat will not help the process. Meanwhile, the above mentioned mistakes are commonly not only for beginners, but also by people who have had a few months or even years of experience. Eliminating these mistakes is an essential part of the work on their own silhouettes.