Want To Spy On Someone Being A Detective? Check Out Truthfinder Reviews

The company originated back in 2014, with the first headquarter situated in San Diego, California. With the name itself, the app has given the best results of truth to its users. This premium website has given freedom to the user by digging in deep with private and public information. A private database will come into consideration if you are spying on someone! There are a lot of factors that determine Truthfinder reviews. Some of them will be highlighted in this article.

Features of Truthfinder

Truthfinder app is used by many people, be it for public or private work, to get relevant information about that person. This information could include mobile numbers, email addresses, their work details, accounts of social media, their educational background, demographics, relatives, etc… In short, a summary of one’s life.

Various uses are there when it comes to this app. Sometimes it is used if you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you, or sometimes when you want to reunite with your old friends whose information is not available anywhere. In addition, this app is useful to verify someone’s authenticity if your instincts find something creepy!

The app doesn’t leave you frustrated, and it is easy to use with accurate information on the point. With legal use of data, truth finder is smooth and safe to use. This app is compatible with iOS and Android users and delivers results in 10 minutes which is remarkable! It has a reverse lookup for phone numbers which is a cheap method to search by numbers.

If you want to upload your profile on the portal, it is essential to know that you can choose to make your profile public, where the app grants you permission to modify it. Due to this freedom, the app is one of the tops in this generation.

Cost associated

This app is an attention seeker when it comes to expenditure. The plan of billing is relatively cheaper than other sites, which are 29$ for a month. They usually give a 20% discount for two months. They even have a free trial period which people can use. The search by name also costs an amount than the other background information, but you can opt for a comparatively cheaper phone search.

Their customer service

The support to their clients is satisfactory when giving the reviews. If someone is having an issue surfing through, they can seek help on their website and the department of customer service, which is available 24/7. For security purposes, Truthfinder always encrypts the data transmitted. Their services are so on point that they don’t let it loose of mishandling the person’s information for stalking or criminal issues.


With the reviews of how it works and the background of it, truth finder is opted by many of them to get information sometimes in emergencies as well. It is legally used with safety and confidential information. In the market, it isn’t easy to get reliable results, and Truthfinder does the job at its best!