Therapy Applications- New Decade Renaissance

Are you looking for the best online therapy application? Well, they are dime a dozen where you can avail the choicest therapy processes with solicited advice from health experts on how to manage your daily routine.

Ailments are part and parcel of life that every living being experiences but ever since the corona virus pandemic broke out last year the need for online therapy has increased manifolds and has witnessed enormous success in the past few years.

We are in the middle of a deadly pandemic that has spread its claws all over the globe with devastating results and while the corona virus reduced since the past year, it has resurfaced to a bigger level in the past few months and with the third wave just around the corner, things are looking pretty bleak due to which online therapy classes have become increasingly necessary.

Start Up

Now where to begin with online therapy? For starters, let us understand what therapy is exactly so it is defined as medical treatment where you can treat physical and mental ailments although for the latter part it is termed psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is quite a popular method that psychologically treats patients grappling mental issues that stem from excessive stress in life where both professionally and personally they have to keep a fine balance between both so as to not lose focus on either.

Online therapy will enhance personal interactions between doctor and patient and help bridge the gap even among those that are sitting on opposite sides of the globe where one can give out all problems through video call because it becomes easier to manage things out.

Now given that psychotherapy technique number up to a hundred or more, you need to make sure that you really require therapy sessions and given the enormous pressure you have to fulfill your professional commitments it can be sure that many people are in dire need of it.

An online therapy can be called a start up session for beginners through which they can pour out their problems to the medical experts because a busy schedule prevents most people from going to the nearby therapist.

Luckily, Covid-19 has seen online therapy sessions become a frequent venture due to which even counseling apps and services have achieved popularity so let’s look at some important ones.


Better Help is a good one to begin this list with where you have this platform that is used for live video, chat, messaging and audio call along with a few others where regular users can get an insurance reimbursement although some would find it expensive as it is around $250 to $350 per month with all therapists having license to conduct online sessions albeit no free trial.

Rethink is another good option with a relatively affordable subscription with therapy, medication management and sessions for both family and friends although it doesn’t have free insurance or trial either.

Regain is an excellent app for couples where all therapists are licensed to operate and messaging isn’t allowed for long conversations.