Some essential Tips That Should Be Known By Every Player To Become A Pro In The Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a futuristic game that has gained so much popularity in less time. In this game, you have some poke balls with you, and when you throw those balls, the Pokemon will come out and stay at a particular location. You have to reach that location in real by checking the map on your device, and after reaching there, you will get the Pokemon. Each pokemon contains some points, and you have to collect these points for going to the higher levels. There are some other ways also through which you can get these points in the game itself. You will get to know about everything when you will play the game on your own.

You will become a good player when you play the game and experience everything in it. But, you will only become a pro player when you understand some tips regarding the game. Without learning the tips, it will become impossible for you to become a good player. You can easily get tips from the internet these days, and they will also teach you to manage Pokemon go accountsYou have to hatch the pokeballs or eggs in an appropriate way. Let’s check out some more tips like this.

  • Hatch the eggs and use your incubators appropriately 

The eggs of the pokeballs present in the game help you to get the Pokemon. Along with the Pokemon, you will gain XP as well as boost candies present in the game. This will be only possible when you will put the eggs through an incubator and walked the required distance. These incubators have some a limit for their usage, and most of the time, you will find an infinite incubator. Sometimes, there are chances that you will get 3x incubators as well as become able to buy them from the shop present in the game. You have to take care of some things after earning these incubators. The 3x incubators that you will get in the game should only be used by you when you have to walk for 10 km. Infinite incubators are used for short distances such as 2 or 3 km. These tips will help you to efficiently use these incubators. You should also check the events held in the game, which includes slashing of hatching distances. But, it has been found that the eggs which are placed on the longer distance give us greater rewards.

  • First, build up the XP and then power up your Pokemon

The skills of the character you are having in the game are all dependent on the XP you have. The number of levels on which you are currently playing the game is because of your XP, and if you have more XP, then your level will automatically get high in the game. Your rewards will get higher if you increase your XP, and you will evolve more and can hatch more eggs at a higher level. The Pokemon will also become able to power up itself at higher levels. If you are willing to power up your Pokemon at the lower levels, then you need to spend more of your candies on it. So, it will be better for you to save the power-ups for the higher level XP level. For building up your XP quickly, you should use your lucky egg if you are much active in the game. Evolve your base Pokemon with an excess number of candies. Catch everything which comes in your way while playing the game. Play battles with your friends to increase the level of XP.

  • Create an army and handle your bag

In Pokemon Go, you will have two areas that will differentiate the number of Pokemon you have and the Pokemon which are left to be caught by you. The bag is an area in which you will see the Pokemon that you are having in the present situation. In the Pokedex, you will see the Pokemon that you have to catch, and you will see details about them as well. You don’t need to catch every type of Pokemon as the Pokedex will instruct you that which one will be beneficial for you. For making a good army, you should always collect the Pokemon’s that you are in need of and ignore the other ones. For fighting a battle, you need high-power Pokemon with you. You can also collect a number of powerful blissey with you as they will also work the same for us. So, before making an army of Pokemon, you need to learn their skills and their powers as it will help you to create a great army for yourself.

  • Transfer pokemon for candies

You will be given an option in the game that you can transfer the Pokemon to the professor, and in return, you will get candies of the same pokemon variety. After catching the Pokemon and getting the suitable candy, you will also have the option of transferring the Pokemon if you are not in need of it. 

Summing up 

Becoming a pro player in Pokemon is not so easy, as you have to learn some tips for that. These tips are made up of experts, and they will guide you on the right path to becoming a pro. Some of the tips have been discussed above; check them out.  


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