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Everything You Need To know About Pasir Ris 8

Pasir Ris 8 town has been the favourite place for resorts and huge meetings for about three decades, since the last significant expansion of Singapore’s eastern-most town in the late 1970s. The numerous chalets and resorts set against an ocean backdrop give the impression of living in a high-end beach resort. Pasir Ris town is located directly adjacent to the sea, making it an ideal weekend location for Singaporeans looking for a quick break within the country. But, thanks to the government’s Remaking Our Heartlands programme, this peaceful hamlet is going to experience a big makeover. And for the lucky few who are able to secure one of the restricted flats available at this housing project, it’s like living next to the seaside every day, with all of Singapore’s facilities at their fingertips.

You’ll not only be sitting over a huge shopping mall, but the Pasir Ris MRT station is only 60 meters away. That’s not all; you’re also close to White Sands Shopping Centre and the complete range of Downtown East malls. Families will be pleased to learn that there are numerous schools in the area, ranging from primary to Merdian-Tampines JC. Take a close look at the location map we’ve supplied below; we’re not kidding when we say you’re in Pasir Ris’ most desirable area.

As a prospective condo buyer, you’ll be pleased to learn that the anticipated land cost is $688.48 per square foot, based on a maximum Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 1,022,678 square feet. Because this project is such an important component of the government’s strategy, there are some exciting developments to look forward to in the neighborhood. As a prospective condo buyer, you’ll be pleased to learn that the anticipated land cost is $688.48 per square foot, based on a maximum Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 1,022,678 square feet. Because this project is such an important component of the government’s strategy, there are some exciting developments to look forward to in the neighborhood. The White Sands department store will be upgraded with a three-story addition that will include a Town Plaza and a Polyclinic, among other things. With an anticipated completion date of 2027, the future Integrated Transport Hub will also improve connectivity inside the area. Many favorites, such as Don Don Donki and protracted favorite Wild Wild Wet, have just opened in Downtown East, thanks to recent enhancements that include an expansion wing to E!hub and Downtown East. They are guaranteed to be Very Liveable Size, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms.

Stay tuned to this page for the most up-to-date condo information, including condo pricing and a complete list of amenities, as they become available. Greater connectedness is still on the way, thanks to forthcoming transportation developments. First and foremost, there is the forthcoming integrated transportation hub to anticipate. The Cross Island Line, a fresh new underground train service, will then connect this town to many other districts of Singapore.

What Can I Use To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are bumps caused by sebum in the hair follicles. They turn black due to the pore being opened and exposed to air and oxidation occurs. If you have blackheads you definitely wondering what can I use to remove blackheads completely?

How to get rid of blackheads DIY

The easiest and natural way to remove blackheads would be to wash your face with warm water and some blackheads will actually come off. You can also wash your hands thoroughly and gently squeeze the pump with a cotton bud. Do not use your hands. Clean your face and hands to avoid bacteria from contaminating the pore. Additionally, while using a makeup remover some of these blackheads will come off as well. 

Another natural way of removing blackheads would be to use ingredients that you might currently have to make a simple but effective scrub for your face. You can create a mixture of baking soda, water, lemon juice, and/or salt. Combine these to form a paste. Rinse your face with warm water to open pores then gently rub the mixture to your face avoiding an open area like eyes and mouth. o this 3 times a week and you will sooner or later start noticing some difference.

Other natural ways to remove blackheads

  • Oatmeal scrub

A mixture of oatmeal and lemon juice can help keep the skin free from blackheads. You can also add yogurt. Apply the scrub to the blackhead-infested area, wait 10-15 minutes then clean it off with warm water. Do this at least once or twice a week.

  • Jojoba oil sugar mixture

You can make a scrub out of this mixture. If you do not have access to jojoba oil, you can use olive oil or any other natural oils.

  • Use clay mask

Clay mask has been used for ages to treat skin ailments. You can get a clay mask online or at your local food store. Clay masks have a mineral that heals the skin so when you apply it, the skin will absorb that mineral, and clay having great adsorption will absorb any excess sebum or impurities causing the blackheads.

  • Using egg whites

To most people, the smell of raw eggs can almost make them throw up, but eggs are very nutritious and can help cleanse the skin. Crack an egg and extract the egg whites. You will use the egg white as a rub on your skin then wait 10 – 15 minutes for it to dry on the skin. You will feel some skin tightness. Wash it off your face and pat to dry.

What can I use to remove blackheads?

– Vacuum blackhead remover

– Stainless steel blackhead remover

– Black face mask

  1. Vacuum blackhead remover

If you are facing stubborn blackheads, then the vacuum blackhead remover may be a good fit for your skin. It performs effective cleansing of the oily pores while removing sucking in dead skin cells and debris. They come with different probe sizes and shapes for combating facial blackheads. The suction is adjustable to fit different skin types and facial areas. They are safe to use and many people with blackheads have reported success after using them.

A good example of the vacuum blackhead remover would be the electric MicroPure vacuum suction device. They can remove blackheads, clean dead skin, and lessen wrinkles.

To use these vacuum blackhead removers, first, rinse or steam your face with warm water to open up the pores. Choose a suction nozzle and connect to the device then hold it and move it around, up and down for 1 to 2 minutes if you are using them for the first time.

  1. Stainless steel blackhead extractor

Instead of popping blackheads with your fingers which can occasionally cause scars and bruises, you can use the stainless steel blackhead remover.

These steel extractors come in a set. You can get various shapes and sizes of tools in the case. Some have pointed edges while some have rounded edges. The needle-like extractor edge is used to prick through a blackhead before using the rounded ones to squeeze out the sebum and/or purse.

Some people have had great success using the stainless steel blackhead extractor.

Amanda is medical assistant who has used the steel extractors and she say that she had a habit of popping blackheads on her face sometimes but as soon as she discovered the tool kit, she was amazed. She says it comes in a professional kit that looks very clean does not have a cheap feel to them. She has since recommended it in her place of work.

A good one is the JPNK Blackhead 6 Piece Remover Tools Kit. This kit comes in case of 6, 100% stainless steel blemish extractors. It has complete instructions on how to use each piece. You might want to watch a few instructional videos on how to use them as it might not seem easy as professionals make it look.

  1. Black face mask

Black masks are blackhead removal masks that you would apply on the face while it is in its paste form and gently peel it off when dry. They are meant to extract blackheads by pulling and unblocking clogged pores.

Most black face masks are made from activated charcoal which contains adsorption properties that can absorb impurities, dirt, and bacteria on the skin.

To use black face masks to remove blackheads, wash your face with warm water to open up the pores then apply a thick layer of the black mask cream on dry skin while avoiding, eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Wait for the mask to dry and be firm usually around 30 – 45 minutes. Peel off the mask gently and wash off any residue.


What can I use to remove blackheads?

Clearing blackheads on your skin can be quick and sometimes can take some time. You need to find the tool that will work the best face you considering the spread of the blackheads, your skin type, and sensitivity. I would recommend trying out All the best as you look for what to use for the blackheads removal.

Want To Spy On Someone Being A Detective? Check Out Truthfinder Reviews

The company originated back in 2014, with the first headquarter situated in San Diego, California. With the name itself, the app has given the best results of truth to its users. This premium website has given freedom to the user by digging in deep with private and public information. A private database will come into consideration if you are spying on someone! There are a lot of factors that determine Truthfinder reviews. Some of them will be highlighted in this article.

Features of Truthfinder

Truthfinder app is used by many people, be it for public or private work, to get relevant information about that person. This information could include mobile numbers, email addresses, their work details, accounts of social media, their educational background, demographics, relatives, etc… In short, a summary of one’s life.

Various uses are there when it comes to this app. Sometimes it is used if you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you, or sometimes when you want to reunite with your old friends whose information is not available anywhere. In addition, this app is useful to verify someone’s authenticity if your instincts find something creepy!

The app doesn’t leave you frustrated, and it is easy to use with accurate information on the point. With legal use of data, truth finder is smooth and safe to use. This app is compatible with iOS and Android users and delivers results in 10 minutes which is remarkable! It has a reverse lookup for phone numbers which is a cheap method to search by numbers.

If you want to upload your profile on the portal, it is essential to know that you can choose to make your profile public, where the app grants you permission to modify it. Due to this freedom, the app is one of the tops in this generation.

Cost associated

This app is an attention seeker when it comes to expenditure. The plan of billing is relatively cheaper than other sites, which are 29$ for a month. They usually give a 20% discount for two months. They even have a free trial period which people can use. The search by name also costs an amount than the other background information, but you can opt for a comparatively cheaper phone search.

Their customer service

The support to their clients is satisfactory when giving the reviews. If someone is having an issue surfing through, they can seek help on their website and the department of customer service, which is available 24/7. For security purposes, Truthfinder always encrypts the data transmitted. Their services are so on point that they don’t let it loose of mishandling the person’s information for stalking or criminal issues.


With the reviews of how it works and the background of it, truth finder is opted by many of them to get information sometimes in emergencies as well. It is legally used with safety and confidential information. In the market, it isn’t easy to get reliable results, and Truthfinder does the job at its best!

Get The Best Experience With CBD Delta 8 Gummies

CBD from very long has been a thing to be used vehemently to reduce situations of anxiety and stress. The situation has also changed way too much from the past centuries, were using and consuming CBD gummies are restricted to only some nations of the world. Still, with time, development, and medicinal benefits of CBD, the reach and legality have expanded way too much. Nowadays, many are daily CBD users to get all the stress out from them, and for that reason, the developers have also made verities in the product itself. Now one can get access to many products, including the recently launched Delta 8 Gummies, to get themselves at ease. 

CBD Gummies And Increasing Popularity

Over the past years, the demand for sweet and tasty gummies with their aromatic nature has attracted many from the past and new users of the product. These modern aromatic gummies fill not only your mouth but also the nostrils to bring the feeling of euphoria. With the use of the product, all the trouble seems to fade away with time as it makes you feel all the ease while chewing these Delta eight Gummies. Also, since it has become the product of choice so one must need to know about the accessibility and the availability of the product; it is all known that many nations have legalized and are giving permission to sell and buy CBD gummies without any stringent restrictions. 

These gummies, in short, are the perfect way to end the restless and tiring day since the main purpose of the product is to bring relaxation, comfort and to help you in having a peaceful sleep. Have these fruity gummies and feel all the light and ease in your life. Have the top quality gummies to experience the best of all time since best is always the one to bring the utmost satisfaction and pleasure to you, else there are many lower quality products available in the market, making it worse to use even once as it brings side effects and dissatisfaction with it. Know the best product and have it for the best results. 

Accessibility Of The Product

Most of the time, CBD has been a product much restricted, but recent developments and many nations making it legal to sell have made huge changes. In the present world, the product’s availability is all there online as well as on offline platforms. One can access the product to whichever platform they find is suitable, accessible, and comfortable for them. More of an online person can order it online after getting all the information and details about the products as getting the right is required. 

It is the best choice in the time of Corona, where there is a threat all around. In that situation, safety is the most important tool to have yourself more fit and healthy in all these extreme and undesirable situations. Also, going offline shops is all there since a huge bunch of people are more interested in getting their product only after verifying it before buying. Offline is the best option for them. But since the times are adverse, it is quite important to take all the precautions while going out and getting things which you require and also there is always a chance to have the product from your comfortable space. 

Have it to get the most important thing in your life, peace and stability. This is all that a modern world with many burdens is either of work or some personal life issues. Be at peace with the gummies. More power and peace to you with these gummies. 

Are You Looking For The Best Background Check Site? Points To Consider!!!

The popularity of employment background checks is at its peak. The importance of such platforms is continually growing. If you are looking for the best platform where you will surely check the information of any person, then the background check site would be reliable for you. stltoday is one of the best platforms where you will surely get important details about any person with ease. The overall success of the pre-employment screening totally depends on so many important factors. If you want to check someone’s background information properly, then the background check site would be reliable for you.

By investing a significant amount of time in the research, one should create a particular checklist of the best background check sites and opt for the best one.  In the following important paragraphs, we are going to discuss important things that one should take into account while choosing the background check site.

  • Determine what actually you need

Before choosing any background check site, one will have to determine what you actually need. Make sure that you are paying close attention to the requirements. If you are choosing the best platform, then you will able to get access to so many important things like credit reports, driving reports, criminal reports, and other important things with ease. One will have to choose the best company that will surely offer the best details.  If possible, then one should make contact with a professional who will surely give you important details about the candidate. It is considered one of the most difficult tasks that require proper research.

  • Pay attention to options

There are two kinds of background check sites available like online DIY sites and full-service companies. If you are looking for the best option, then full-service companies would be reliable for you. All you need to invest money in a subscription that will make everything easy. A professional company will conduct the investigation, and they will surely offer the genuine data of the person. 

The majority of companies like Instant Checkmate is offering everything to their beloved users. All you need to invest money in the premium package so you will able to perform the unlimited researchers without any issue. They are also offering the data of a person within 24 hours.  If you are utilizing the service of background site check, then you can easily avail of lots of benefits.

  • Evaluate different options

You don’t have to rely on a specific company. It is your responsibility to evaluate the different options. Choosing a company always be done by evaluating criteria according to the important requirements.

In addition, If you want to choose the best background check site, then you should consider these important things. You will have to check the level of experience the company, licensed, and other important things.  Make sure that you are also checking what kinds of background checks are provided by the companies.

Why Small Garden Greenhouses Are Fantastic Options

Starting greenhouse gardening can be a lot of fun for many different types of people, and even small greenhouses can come with advantages. Don’t have the room for a conventional green house? No worries! Small greenhouse kits are now offered to fit in a windowsill, on a counter top, or even in your existing back yard garden.

Modest Garden Greenhouses Are Adaptable

Little green house kits are accessible for year-round use or random use. They can range in sizes from the size of a teacup to the size of a room in your house. Small greenhouses are manufactured from many different materials like glass, Solexx, or plastic sheeting, and you can even find instructions showing you how to make your own personal small greenhouse online using common things around the house.

Building A DIY Greenhouse

Are you currently acquainted with the Topsy Turvy, upside down growing apparatus units? Basically, those fancy planters function as small garden greenhouses, keeping the plant root warm and well-fed. If you prefer to get seriously crafty, you can take advantage of your own empty two-liter soda pop bottle and a little garden screening to make your own green house.

You can also purchase do-it-yourself garden greenhouse kits to build your personal small green house. Windowsill garden greenhouse kits are fantastic for the hobby gardener, and a small garden greenhouse kit that fits on a table top or counter can make a superb gift for people of every age group.

How To Use Your Small Greenhouse

Small greenhouses are great for certain crops, like herbs, and not so great for others, like cucumbers. Plan your small garden greenhouse crops carefully by looking at what size of an area your required crops need to have. Cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano, parsley, some lettuces, and select flowers grow well in a small greenhouse.

If you wish to try your hand at exotic greenhouse gardening, a small garden greenhouse is a good way to begin your adventure. Need to grow an orchid, but don’t wish to invest a lot of cash? You can always choose to try raising just one orchid in your garden greenhouse, before investing cash in a larger crop. Your small green house allows you the freedom to work through the growing kinks before investing in a larger exotic or delicate crop.

When you have kids or grandkids, a small greenhouse can be a fantastic way to help them learn. Many kindergarten through fourth grade science curriculums consist of lessons on how crops grow and what every plant part does. Your small garden greenhouse may easily turn into a hands-on training session or science fair project.

You will gain a lot from trying out a small greenhouse, without investing a substantial amount of cash. If you have always aspired to try a gardening adventure of your own, you will want to start with a little green house kit? They call for little expense, minimum tending, and yet reap significant rewards.

What You Must Discover About Piles

Normally, piles is actually manifested by a swollen or perhaps enlarged rectal part. Anybody, regardless male or female can suffer from this problem when extreme pressure is used within the anal area. Having said that, there are several treatments for hemorrhoids which can be easily acquire.

The most important part you want to recognize would be to accept that your trail to come across the most suitable route to handle your hemroids will be brimming with ups and downs and that you simply would possibly need to check out many distinctive remedies prior to you acquiring one that fits properly for you.

Discovering a treatment for hemorrhoids that is ideal for your variety of hemroids you’ve got is oftentimes challenging, still you need to never compromise since you will discover quite a few exceptional treatment plans in existence.

There are 2 kinds of piles: External and internel hemroids. Interior piles are not noticed using the bare eyes because it is positioned in the lining of your rectum. It is pain-free; however, blood loss may happen in the course of defecation. Nonetheless, in cases where there exists continuous tension, inner haemorrhoids can even protrude through the anus. Outside piles, in contrast, are swollen veins found right out of the rectum. This kind of haemorrhoid is often obvious and can be sensed. Depending on the severity, external haemorrhoids may cause discomfort, blood loss as well as discomfort especially in the course of defecation.

There are various items available for sale that could allow you to dispose of haemorrhoids. The hemorhoid miracle is definitely an instance of something which people have actually utilised to great results throughout the years and months.

There are various aspects that triggers haemorrhoids. These are,although not restricted to, bowel irregularity, extended sitting, being pregnant, low-fiber diet along with long-term diseases such as a liver illness.

These conditions are acknowledged to enhance strain in the hemorrhoid veins making them inflamed. Additionally, aging increases the potential for having haemorrhoids because the lining of the anus weakens as people get older.

The prevalence of hemorrhoids is very high and almost half of the total populace ages Fifty years old have hemorrhoids.

There are various signs linked wit haemorrhoids. Some of these are usually visible swollen veins within the anus, anal bleeding, and discomfort while seated. When you ever have problems with at least one these signs, it is prudent to get immediate medical help. Bleeding is usually an indicator of haemorrhoids nonetheless may also be an indicator of some other health problem for instance intestinal tract or rectal cancer.

There are numerous tests to establish the existence of haemorrhoids.. Generally, in the event the enlarged blood vessels are seen, medical professionals will only inquire follow-up concerns about your health background, medications taken and life-style to back up the prognosis. With respect to internal hemroids, an anoscopy or perhaps digital assessment is necessary.

There are several home solutions that may be employed as remedies for piles. Examples of these are regular exercise, balanced diet, and warm bath. It is furthermore recommended to refrain from hot and spicy meals mainly because it can further aggravate the signs and symptoms.

With regards to a treatment of hemorrhoids 1 of your issues you will need to take into account that if you have the option to manage it in a natural manner without having any kind of prescription drugs then make sure you a minimum of seek to.

You will discover obtainable products on the market which could also treat piles such as suppositories and creams. Nonetheless, with regard to severe cases, surgery is the better method to handle hemroids. Haemorrhoids is usually effortlessly cured so long as appropriate medical intervention is provided early therefore it really is often smart to consult your medical professional immediately should you suffer from the signs and symptoms.Surgery however might be necessary to deal with serious cases. Both clinical and also natural treatments must be carried out with a modification of life style as well as having a healthy diet.

Disclaimer: This specific blog post is based on information readily obtainable in the most popular media channels coupled with professional medical publications that address hemroids. Absolutely nothing here is meant to be or ought to be construed to become any sort of medical health advice. Regarding medical health advice the reader should really get in touch with his or her health care provider or other medical specialist.

Understanding Bad Credit Loans

The not so sunny things that happened in our past, deliberate or non-deliberate, have their ways of haunting us sooner or later. The same can be said with how we handled our finances and plenty of people do not want their past money troubles catching up with their present and future finances. In spite of the poor financial record, redemption of ones financial record is still achievable by coordinating with lenders or other financial institutions and go through a loan program. One of these loan programs come in the form of bad credit loans. Seeing as numerous folks were affected by the credit crunch, the number of people taking out bad credit loans have dramatically increased. However, bad credit loans will put peoples finances to the test and thorough financial measures are required when it comes to taking out a decisive loan such as this.

In truth, a bad credit history dampens any likelihood of receiving a suitable loan. Any person who has a blemish on their credit rating will always be seen as a risk. Due to this fact, lenders regularly take some sort of necessary precautions to get compensation in case the borrower defaults. Some of these measures bring in high interest rates and collateral.

Lenders will also conduct investigations regarding your credit rating and history. The regular approach of lenders is to get in contact with credit reference agencies that will give them the necessary information about the borrower. Credit reference agencies can provide information such as credit agreements, defaults, court judgments and other credit history about the borrower. Credit reference agencies can also aid borrowers and provide them a copy of their credit files to compare information gathered by the lender/s and correct any inaccuracies.

Whether the purpose of the loan is to fix or renovate your house or setup a worthy celebration for a special occasion, bad credit loans can give you the amount of funds you need. One important aspect in any loan request is the credit score of the borrower. But a bad credit score should not always make it unfeasible to acquire a loan.

The amount of the loan will depend on whether the bad credit loan is secured or unsecured. Bad credit secured loans tend to offer a more sizeable loan amount while loans with lower amounts are likely to be incorporated with bad credit secured loans.

Loans with much lower interest are available for homeowners with bad credit and these loans are much cheaper, faster and easier to pay. For a credit rating to look good once more, people often take out a bad credit loan with a small amount and interest rate. Fixing a bad credit rating is not the only thing it can do but the person will also be able to acquire secured or unsecured loans with lower interest rates.

Terms and conditions vary for several lenders so it is good to do some research until you find the one that is appropriate with your finances. To apply for bad credit loans, the documents you need are proof of residence, credit score document, statement of asset and liability, and proof that you have a steady source of income.

Things The Best Drug Alcohol Rehab Will Probably Offer You

The best drug & alcohol rehab could obtain a amount of common fundamentals and components, and all these centres and methods may deliver outstanding success and a extremely reduced danger of relapse. In order to be viewed as one of the best drug & alcohol rehab programs a program will need to make available private therapies for a bare minimum for four hrs each full week, and the treatment strategy applied ought to be tailor made to a person’s distinctive instance and needs. A lot of these elements are integrated in every one of the best drug & alcohol rehab treatment centers because they give good results, and have been confirmed to be the most valuable remedies. This unique kind of counseling is important so you can examine the causes for your alcohol abuse, and work on dealing with them.

The best drug & alcohol rehab might be 1 that people may easily afford devoid of losing your home and life reserves, nevertheless at the same time one that presents medical care which will give an individual the actual recovery we are hoping for. An actual substantial setback with standard rehabs is that currently there are not really many possibilities when treatment and therapy is concerned. People could go low-cost, unfortunately you may not acquire the best drug & alcohol rehab opportunities that way. 1 on one therapy is going to be effective, then again it can easily be one of the most higher priced elements of treatment. Finding a modest expense rehab means receiving considerably less effective results, while going for the best drug & alcohol rehab usually means getting your original way of life back, and also a potential that is happier.

The best drug & alcohol rehab will commonly not be paid for by insurance, given that these kinds of options are normally thought to be high end or luxury choices. This would mean that an individual will normally have to cover these bills with out assistance, so if an individual’s finances allows a person to gain access to the best drug & alcohol rehab then you should count on the optimum possible medical care out there. Which is precisely what you will have by using Valiant Recovery, and we are for that reason comfortable in our program that we include a limited therapy warranty. Hardly any other model gives you this, simply because we understand merely how successful our process is.

If you require on only the finest then exactly why should a person settle for substandard therapy? The best drug & alcohol rehab in America, as well as maybe the globe, is Valiant Recovery. An individual definitely will have therapies which is helpful and really performs to stop your drug abuse, as well as appreciating extravagance and all of the comforts you are used to. Very good dining, faith based therapy, anger management, horse therapies, and several additional elements are all combined to produce a entire addiction recovery and full recovery. We are the best drug & alcohol rehab for a large number of considerations, nevertheless the biggest is the good results an individual will have.

Purchasing A Genuine Rolex Watch

Rolex Watches are certainly one of the most famous branded watches you can buy in the world today. They are considered to be luxury at its best and with a very strong second hand re-sale value it can also turn out to be one of the best long term investment products on the market today.

A weak economy and having a weak Dollar and Euro means that Rolex have increased their prices no less than 3 times on their entire in 2008 through to 2009. This in turn has resulted in price increases being reflected across the range of all second hand rolex watches.

When buying your first Rolex watch there are a few guidelines that I would like to share with you to help make your buying experience a pleasurable one and hopefully worry free.

The Rolex second hand market is rife with copies, replicas, fakes, and also include fake boxes, paperwork and booklets. Therefore, it can be a mine field out there so please don’t be afraid to ask the watch dealer some important questions. If you are unsure about the replies then it may be best to look somewhere else. Remember, there’s a big world-wide market out there with thousands of genuine Rolex watches available for sale, so don’t get disheartened if the first enquiry is not as successful as you had hoped.

1. Don’t purchase any Rolex watch without its original certificate and please be aware that Rolex do not issue copies. The certificate is produced by Rolex when the watch is made and has its individual number inscribed on the watch head which will correspond with the embossed number on the paperwork. Please be aware of copies, scanned or faxed copied paperwork.

2. Ask for the individual serial number off the watch that you are interested in and any Rolex agent will confirm the Rolex watch is 100% genuine and is not on the Rolex lost or stolen list. There may be a small charge for this service, but this is minimal compared to potentially buying a stolen Rolex watch and later having it confiscated by the authorities.

3. Remember that there is always a good second hand market value for all Rolex watches be it through the retail sector or online, so if the watch seems too cheap then it probably isn’t real.

4. Second hand Rolex watches with the relevant box and original paperwork can achieve up to 70% of its current retail price on the open market. This will depend on age, condition and model.

If you have bought your first Rolex watch I hope you enjoy wearing it for many years to come. If it is kept in good condition and serviced regularly then it can, over a period of time, be the best investment you make.