Packing Your Dog Sled

In many ways the method you use to pack your dog sled for a long trip is just as important as the things that you decide to bring along. Improper packing could result in equipment, being damaged, supplies being lost or even damage to the sled itself. The last thing that you want to do is find yourself without something that you need in the middle of nowhere just because you used improper packing techniques to pack the supplies and equipment onto your sled. In the Second World War the allies used to pack their ships backwards, putting things that were most important into the ship last that way they would be the first things to be unloaded when the ship reached port.

The same principal applies here; when packing your sled with wholesale pet supllies you should wait and put the stuff that you will use the most or need to find quickly on top and put everything else on the bottom. After you have lost a few things on the trail it becomes rather easy to tell what is secure on your sled and what isn’t. Even the smallest bump can send the contents of a sled flying if they are not secured properly. Bungee cords can be useful but things often slip out of them so you have to pay close attention to how everything is set up. Another thing that you have to worry about when packing your sled is the weather. If it starts to rain, or more likely snow, the stuff on top of your sled will be exposed to the elements. This is why most mushers wrap their sled in some sort of weather proof sled or blanket. Using a cover for the contents of your sled will also prevent things from coming loose and falling off while you and your team are on the go.

Every dog needs a leash, and each should be trained to walk on it. Chances are your dog will be subject to leash laws at one time or another, even if there are no leash laws in your area. You may even want to keep multiple types of leashes around the house for multiple uses.


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