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A real psychic reader generally uses clairvoyance either by itself or along with all the tools for divination. Based on their own experience, it is not a supposed power, but a fact of life, and everyone has the ability to hear spirits. However, not everyone chooses to hear spirit because of his/her fears.

That spirit is your higher self, spiritual guides, master teachers from other dimensions, guardian angels, and/or the God of your understanding. So why would you be afraid of those who have only love for you?

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are one of the earliest tools of divination that a respected psychic reader should still use today. A lot of psychics use the tarot cards as their main focus in the way they do consultations. In fact, when a client has no focus or is confused as to what they want to ask, the tarot cards will open the door to what is happening in their lives at the time.

The tarot cards will bring in some of the past that you may be carrying with you, what is going on now and what may come to them in the near future, if they allow themselves to be open to what is said or stay closed to their choices.

Each psychic reader using the tarot cards will have their own means for the cards they use. This will make a difference in their interpretation of the information they give to the client. There are about 1500 different tarot decks and 10 times the different interpretations.


Reading the lines in the palm of the hands is another ancient method a psychic reader uses in order to see into his/her clients’ life. There are a number of teachings on how this is done.

For many psychics, palmistry has become a view of how a person has lived and what they are still working on in this life. Their past lives as well as this life will show in the way the line form. The number of marriages and children will also be marked as well. The life line, heart line, fate line, and head line are the main focal points that are used by all palmists.

Some palmists choose to use only the right hand or the left, while others use both to see what you have come into learn and what you are still working toward now.

Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is one of those tools that each psychic reader uses in a very special way. A lot of the Spanish and Gypsy Psychics like to use a very clear Austrian crystal or glass ball . Others use a Natural Brazilian or Arkansas natural quartz crystal ball.

Some psychics find that the natural fractures and flaws in a quartz crystal ball allows them to see a clear image of what is around the person they are working for. Again, as with every type of psychic reading, the interpretation of the psychic is going to be influenced with the way they were taught to use the tool.


Using numerology to find out how your name and birth date can tell you about what you came into this life to work on. It also tells what your personalities will bring into your life . By looking at the numbers in each of your names you will find our which name will be the most effective for you.

Your date of birth will break down how you react to people, places and situations as you make your choices. Some psychic readers have developed a chart that breaks down all the numbers in your life to show just where you stand.

Handwriting Analysis

When a psychic expert takes a look at the person’s handwriting, they can visualize the way they relate to Family , what some of their personalities are, and if they are in a place that will allow them to change. Their creativity will also show up as to whether or not they are using it for their best interest.

This tool is used by some psychic readers on austinchronicle to help employers to make a choice of who would fit into their operations. They also use the handwriting as to the compatibility of couples.

This is a tool that can be a lot of fun or a very serious tool for looking at a person’s make up.

Tea Leaf Reading

This is one of the oldest tools used by many different cultures across the ages. You never know what is going to show up in the leaves. Each psychic reader interprets what he sees as he views the leaves in the cup.

A lot of psychics use this method in their psychic readings for different clients as they choose, in fact, some of them have even read the tea leaves for clients over the phone. This tool is like the crystal ball. It is a lot of fun and things get very interesting when you choose this method.

The evidence presented for psychic phenomena is not sufficiently verified for scientific acceptance, and there exist many non-paranormal alternative explanations for claimed instances of psychic events. Cold reading techniques would include psychics using flattery, intentionally making descriptions, statements or predictions about a person vague and ambiguous, and surreptitiously moving on to another prediction when the psychic deems the audience to be non-responsive.


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