Know The Benefits Of Single Speed Low Maintenance Mountain Biking

Nowadays people are practicing various new modes of transport like buses, trains, airplanes etc. But the former model was and will be the bike or bicycle. People have been using bikes from a long time because it works mechanically and does not work on fuel, the model has been made as energy-conserving and good for nature, many countries have even started bike service and are providing free bikes over the entire country which one can pick and drop at any location. Biking comes with many benefits, and people have been involved in mountain biking as a sport. 

Mountain biking refers to biking on a high elevated terrain or uneven ground, mountain biking has emerged as a sport for youngsters, and this sport serves as a major advantage to people with heart disease and joint pain.

Some benefits  

Few benefits of mountain biking include:

  • It improves blood pressure related problems and maintains the circulation of blood all over the body.
  • It prevents joint pains and less pressure on the knots of the joints.
  • Cycling reduces the chances of getting diseases and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • It is a perfect way to be relieved from stress and depression, and it also elevates the mood and releases hormones that cause happiness.
  • The overall balance and posture of the body can be maintained by regular biking.
  • Those obese and who cannot run can start their aerobic exercises or cardio by mountain biking.
  • And at last, one gets the chance to enjoy the various parts of nature.

With many more proven benefits, mountain biking is considered a good way to explore and burn calories without much effort. But as the terrain remains rough and these days bikes come costly, the maintenance cost is high for these bikes. There are many options available in the markets; let’s know which one is best to buy.

The better option 

Mountain bikes come with various options in case of pedals and tires etc. The geared bikes come with various speed options, while the non-geared or single speed bikes come with just single gear. Due to the mountain, dust, dirt and mud or any other thing can come along the path of the chain and disturb the normal working of the bike. Therefore, people mostly prefer fixie bikes.

  • Because they are easy to maintain at a low cost as there are no extra tools and triggers attached that may increase the total cost.
  • Single-speed is easy to clean, and in comparison, to the geared one, it takes less effort and time.

It is a well-known fact that more the complications in a bike, the more it will cost. Hence when someone buys a mountain bike, instead of wasting money on geared bikes, one can save that money and use it in buying the right gears to wear during the drivetrain. The mountain bikes are specially designed to face dirt and mud and have become popular in recent times.