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We all come across the term ‘real estate. Do you know what it means? Real estate is any property that is a building or land. People nowadays invest much in real estate as it is a good source of profit in the future. Today we are going to go into detail about laws passed in Greece about νομιμοποίηση αυθαιρέτων and real estate legalizations.

The legalization of real estate

Legalizing real estate is an endless thing in Greece. To date, several laws have been enacted concerning arbitrary real estate construction. Law 4495/17 is presently in power, which states that transfers of real estate should now be legally accompanied by certification of an engineer in which the engineer should state no arbitrary changes have been installed in a specific property or independent property and has been ascertained that in the past all the arbitrariness is settled. According to urban law of planning 4495/17, the sale or transfer of estate with arbitrary construction requiring an operating license will not be allowed.

Leases and sales certificate

Lawful process of declaring arbitrary applications is an arbitrary settlement. The appointed engineer is called to project the constructions and violations that have taken place on the property. It must be considered that arbitrariness taking place after 28/07/2011 is not subjected to law 4495/17. After completing the whole process and paying all the fines calculated, the construction is finally considered settled construction. And no need to pay future fines.

Extension of 5 years for legalization

Till 2025 regulation of illegal constructions and their uses has been extended. Construction with a permit or huge-scale arbitraries doesn’t include these rules. Legalization will increase by 20% till 2020 and by 5% till 2025, and its final level would be 40%. According to these rules, the cycle of arrangements of arbitrary contraction will vanish off as per the government

Fees, documents, and costs for legalization

Category of violation, properties of an area of asset, and Type of construction decide the requirement of supporting documents. Following are the prices of the number of fees paid in favor of the states of Greece.

  • 250 euros – 100 sq.m.
  • 500euros – 100 sq.m – 500 sq.m.
  • 1000 euros – 500 sq.m. – 2000 sq.m.
  • 4000 euros – 500 sq.m. – 5000 sq.m.
  • 10000 euros – 5000 sq.m.

Potential risks

Legalizing a property is not compulsory without it, meaning that it’s unlikely that penalties will be there if the property is arbitrary. It is sole discretion for town planning and other services to carry checks to see whether the property is arbitrary or non-arbitrary. It is their responsibility to impose a fine or not, and if imposed with a fine, then deciding the fine is also upon them. Fines imposed in any case may be multiples of settlement fine, which is also provided in these cases. For more information on νομιμοποίηση αυθαιρέτων, you can visit the official website for better information. Get acquainted with the terms of arbitrary legitimacy. Make sure to get the best service