Is Fairycore Fashion Becoming The New Aesthetic?

Fashion is not about just dressing up and looking pretty anymore. It is so much more. The roots run deep into the overall aesthetics of a person. Now people dress like their Instagram feed, by maintaining a theme all over. One of the newer themes is fairycore clothes or fairycore fashion. It has elements from both cottage and goblin core fashion statements. Fashion has become quite popular on social media platforms and Tiktok. 

What includes in fairycore fashion?

For the most part, the fairycore style is related to wizardry in nature. It incorporates things like butterflies, fireflies, blossoms, delicate pastel colours, glittery stuff, delicate creatures, and everything ethereal.

Since the 2020s are inclining towards more vibrant hues, fairycore clothes fit into it most perfectly. 

Fashion pieces

A few pieces of the fairycore aesthetic can appear to be strange due to the eeriness of the whole look. All things considered, that is somewhat the point! This aesthetic is a perfect blend of strange and beautiful. The style incorporates not only a dark theme or light theme. It has vast options and possibilities. There is a hint of magic in every outfit. It reflects the enchanting woods, charming spells, and brewing potions. It also has elements of flowers and pixies, glittery sparkle, and joy. The integration of supernatural elements makes this aesthetic a lot more romantic and captivating.  The addition of mushroom-shaped accessories simply gives out a fairy vibe which is quite mesmerizing. Paired with glitter these can be the absolute fairycore fashion piece. Some of the most popular pieces are,

  • Glasses with an edge of wires
  • Curves and garlands
  • Lace and bold cloths
  • Single piece dresses
  • Sparkly, dazzling, or shimmering makeup
  • Sliders, open-toe shoes, or ballerina 
  • Running down tresses or loosely tied into messy buns or a messy braid. A quick hair updo is also a part of fairycore. 
  • Nail painted with soft or pastel colours. Sometimes bare nails with no nail polish at all. 
  • Charms like lengthy gold chains and opal rings. Bracelets with charms attached. 

The magnificence of fairycore fashion

The superiority of fairycore aesthetic is in the absence of any specific rules. Each thing looks exclusively created in light of the fact that this fashion accepts the uniqueness of the wearer, regardless of whether there are staple pieces to finish the fairy appearance. Fairycore likewise doesn’t prefer clean lines either. There’s to a greater degree a reach in what is viewed as a pixie. The nails can be dirty. It can be justified as working in the garden. A fairy is always active, not in the most comfortable of places. They work on their potion and fairy dust. So, any magical look can be justified and passed off as a fairycore look. 

Most of the pieces can be obtained from small stores on the sides that are often forgotten. They will have unique vintage pieces to choose from. You could always try online stores that offer a wide range of fairycore fashion pieces to the interested. Check out for all your fairycore fashion needs at affordable prices.