How To Get Your Girlfriend To Lose Weight

So, you court a pretty and sexy girl which ends up in a relationship and everything seems so perfect. Then suddenly your girl is slowly gaining weight, but of course you don’t mind because it’s not yet too noticeable. Yes, 10 pounds seems okay to most men but if you are the guy, you have to ring that bell and sound the alarm immediately! Otherwise, you might get frustrated with the way your partner looks.

Most men of course desire sexy and fit women to be their partners in life. This means that most guys often look for physical advantages for their partners. Well, separation is not always the result of undesirable physique or weight issues so to speak, but it will always be a possibility. If you love your girl and you appreciate her other qualities, you need to take action as fast as possible to ensure that she’ll never end up being overweight or worse, obese.

Telling your girlfriend to lose weight is not a simple task. It could hurt her feelings if you bluntly say that she physically bigger or fatter compared from the first time you’ve met. You have to strategically imply your intention for losing weight so that she understands and feel your respect. Let the love encourage your partner to do some weight loss efforts in order to prolong the relationship and hopefully will end in marriage.

So if you love your girlfriend and want to prevent some insulting or scrutinizing comments from the people around you with regards to your partner’s weight issues, then you better apply the following tips on how to effectively encourage your girlfriend to lose weight.

Ways to get your Girlfriend to Lose Weight

  • Encourage any physical activities as much as possible

Any types of physical activities will help burn calories and fats. You can ask her to play sports, get some dancing routines, walking or playing together and many other physical activities. Having a great time together will not just strengthens your relationship, it can also keep your bodies fit and healthy.

  • Compliment each other often

Giving compliments to your girlfriend signifies your love and care, thus increasing her self-confidence and self-esteem. Complimenting each other also builds trust, respect and of course appreciation, which makes this tip as one very important aspect of your weight loss goal.

  • Eat wisely at home

Eating at home is not really a wise decision for a romantic dining experience because it can trigger some overeating habits. This is the reason why experts suggests couples to eat in restaurants because they’ll surely eat less. But did you know that you can effectively promote home dining without gaining too much weight?

First thing to do is to prepare healthy meals such as vegetables and fruits. If that doesn’t blend well, do portion sizes on your favorite meals so that you control what you eat which prevents extra calories in her diet.

  • Give her goals

A goal is what keeps your girlfriend to lose weight. It is like an “attraction” law where you give importance to something that inspires you more to achieve. You have to give emphasis on different things that can be a motivational weight loss factor. It can be a picture, her previous weight or any thing that can inspire her to keep on striving until she win over weight gain.

  • Get an advice from a dietitian and a fitness expert

A fitness professional or a dietitian are two of the most important personalities that you’ll need to effectively help your girlfriend to lose weight. If all else fails, then it’s time to hire some experts services to perform effective and proven safe weight loss. Fitness professionals knows best how to lose weight through right exercise and different training routines. Same goes to dietitians who can formulate a personalized eating program specifically made for your body qualities. Want her to lose weight fast? Hire fitness professionals!

  • Consult your doctor

Finally, you have to consult your doctor. If all tricks are still not working out with your girlfriend’s weight loss regimens, then it’s probably the best time to visit your doctor and have a thorough check up. Her weight gain might be a cause of some health conditions that both of you are not aware of. If there is nothing wrong, then continue your weight loss program until you reach your goal.

  • Reward your partner

Rewarding your girlfriend from her weight loss efforts means a lot to her. Treat your girl and have private moments or give her a special gift. Appreciation or commending all her weight loss achievements shows that you love her and you are very much concern on her physical issues. Make sure that you do this tip to warm her heart and she will absolutely love you more.


Any girl would appreciate her partner’s willingness to start a weight loss program for their own benefits. With proper communication and understanding, it will be a sure positive result because helping or supporting your girlfriend’s weight loss endeavors is good for your relationship. Remember that obesity starts from gaining a few pounds without noticeable physical signs. If you are not attentive enough to this kind of situation, your girlfriend might loose her discipline on eating habits and will totally disregards the many issues of weight gain.

If you love your partner, you have to take actions to divert your relationship into the right direction. Your concern over her weight issues is a commendable and courageous effort on your part. It shows love, passion and appreciation which all helps build a strong relationship foundation.

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