Fortnite Gold Bars Are Disappearing – What You Should Know About It?

Have you played Fortnite before? Yes? Then you are already aware of how you are dependent on different kinds of resources in order to win the game. Each of these resources have their own unique properties and can help you in several ways in the game. Gold Bars are one of the most crucial items that you can acquire in Fortnite for survival. However, in recent news it has surfaced that players are reporting Epic Games that their gold bars are disappearing all of a sudden. Gold Bars are like a currency that can be used in the Fortnite game. That is why it is very much needed when playing because you can use it to buy weapons, upgrade them, etc.

But, a lot of people have reported that their gold bars are disappearing from their account and this has caused serious issues back at Epic Games. Are you aware of this situation? If not then make sure that you read this blog till the end to know more.

Why Are Players Losing Fortnite Gold?

A recent Fortnite bug resulted in players losing all Fortnite Gold from their accounts. Players are trying to figure out why Fortnite Gold is missing. Fortunately, some of them may have retained some of their Fortnite gold, while others may have lost it entirely. It also shows that Fortnite is still crashing on Xbox One X. Not sure if the issue is related to the Fortnite Gold bug. The bug that removed Fortnite Gold is not new to this game. Previously, players had the same issue and complained that Fortnite Gold was disappearing upon entering the game. It seems the same problem is happening again and hundreds of players are fed up with this. Many of them have posted harsh and angry criticism on social media regarding the development team back at Epic Games. The overall frustration and anger is what Epic Games is trying to reduce.

Players were hoping that the bug had completely disappeared from the game after Epic fixed it one last time. However, recent attacks have shown that loops can occur in the game that can intimidate players. Epic Games has not released a statement on this yet. However, some development has occurred and the company believes that the problem will be solved soon and won’t occur ever again. Epic Games is also supposedly going to compensate or return the number of gold bars the players lost. This seems to be a very tedious task, but has to be done nonetheless because of the entire community.

How To Get More Gold Bars in Fortnite?

One of the best ways in which you can get more gold bars in Fortnite is by playing the game and putting in efforts to ace it in the near future. That is one of the best ways to genuinely get more gold bars. However you can also choose to buy one of the top Fortnite Accounts for Sale and get access to the gold bars and other resources available there.


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