Essential Tips to Clean The Retainers

The people who have their own healthy teeth keep on brushing them twice a day, but in case if they’re using retainers, then they think that they don’t need to get them cleaned. But this is not the case if you have retainers, then you should take special care of them and clean them on a regular basis. 

As we only know, teeth get damage by the plague and bacteria in a similar way; retainers also get attacked with these bacteria that can damage them to a great extent. Hence, it is advisable to take care of them in a proper manner so that you can use the retainers for a more extended period of time. So now we will discuss as how to clean a retainer in the best possible way:

Sufficient amount of water

A person should drink aamount of water as it will help to keep the retainer moist, as a result of which bacteria will not grow on the retainers, and they will continue to be healthy for a longer period of time.

Keeping them out moist will help a person to prevent from the tooth decay as mostly in case if the mouth is moist, then tooth decay will not occur. So you use simple water, as in case if the soda or Coca Cola are used then they can damage the retainers as the damage the teeth of a person as they contains chemical in heavy amount.

Baking soda

Another thing that helps in giving long life to retainer is baking soda. In case if the retainers have been yellowed due to any of the reasons, then using baking soda will help a person in making them white again and also bacteria are killed with the help of baking soda.

Baking soda is relatively easy for a person to use; a person should mix water and baking soda in equal quantity and then make a thick paste of it then they just have to apply the mixture on the retainers with a smooth hand And just rub them gently as a result of which they will notice the yellowing retainer getting white and also the bacteria are killed.


In the market, even mouthwashes are available of various brands that help a person in killing the bacteria and plague that have been entered on the retainers. Using his mouthwash on a regular basis helps a person in remaining fresh for a more extended period of time and also that does not face any kind of problem with their retainers. Before using them make sure at least once you consult a doctor and based on the recommendation only a person should prefer to use the mouthwash.


toothpaste is another product that is used by people for cleaning their retainers; there are various types of toothpaste that are available in the market; you can use any one of them; just make sure that you clean the retainers with the toothpaste gently and then rinse it off with lukewarm water this will help in cleaning the retainers in a better way

These are the various options that a person can use for perfectly cleaning the retainers. Just knowing the products to use the cleaning is not sufficient a person should also have an idea as to when it is advisable to clean the retainers so as to get the best results. Now will discuss in detail some of the time when returner needs to be cleaned a proper manner

  • First of all, they need to be cleaned when they smell bad
  • Secondly, when they turn yellow, they need to be clean in a proper manner so that they can turn white again.
  • The situation when a retainer looks cloudy they should be cleaned
  • If any of the situations as mentioned above does not arise, then a person should clean at least once in a week. 

Hopefully after reading the above article it is quite clear that how to clean a retainer so that they can remain in good condition for a more extended period of time and the person can feel fresh. There are even other options available for which you can consult an expert.