Best Chances to Share iPhone & iPad Screen with AnyDesk? 

Do you want a simple and free solution for remotely sharing screens between iPhone and iPad? Perhaps you’d like to show something, or maybe you’d enjoy sharing the screen of the iOS device with people who can provide technical support from a remote location? That is precisely what AnyDesk remote desktop software enables you to accomplish. It’s a popular replacement for TeamViewer, and we’ll demonstrate how to apply it.

AnyDesk is primarily used to operate and assist a desktop remotely. With the AnyDesk software for iOS and iPad, iPhone holders can safely share their screen with other AnyDesk users in a matter of seconds. Although you cannot remotely operate an iPhone or iPad from a PC using AnyDesk, the screen sharing functionality should be enough for most situations.

Are you attempting to use AnyDesk’s screen sharing functionality? Continue reading to learn how to use AnyDesk to share the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use AnyDesk to Share the Screen of an iPhone or iPad

Before you begin, you must download and install the AnyDesk software from the Apple App Store. It is entirely free to download and use. Simply follow the steps below after you’ve installed it.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, use the “AnyDesk” app.
  • As soon as you launch the program, you’ll discover your AnyDesk address. This address will be used to connect to your device by any other AnyDesk user.
  • Navigate to or download on your computer’s web browser and download the program. Now, please open it and enter the AnyDesk address for your iPhone or iPad. As seen below, click “Connect.”
  • Now, you’ll get a prompt within the AnyDesk iOS app. To begin, tap on the “recording” symbol.
  • Then, touch on “Start Broadcast” to begin the screen-sharing session.
  • You can now use AnyDesk to watch the screen of your iOS iPhone on a PC.

That is all. You now have a good understanding of how to setup a remote connection for screen sharing with AnyDesk. Isn’t that simple?

You may also use AnyDesk to share your screen with another iOS device, so you are not confined to a PC or Mac. This would not be feasible without Apple’s integrated screen recording function, which was introduced with the release of iOS 11.

Managing Your Desktop Remotely

Similarly, you may use the AnyDesk software to manage your desktop computer remotely. Have you forgotten to shut down your computer at home? You can login to your computer with only a password while operating AnyDesk’s Unattended Access function. This eliminates the need for AnyDesk users to authorize connection requests manually.

Support staff and tech gurus may use this convenient feature to assist customers and address difficulties with their devices. If you’re not satisfied with AnyDesk or it’s not working correctly on your system, you may use TeamViewer to share the screen of your iOS device in a similar manner. Popular video conferencing services such as Skype, Zoom, and Hangouts may also be used to share your screen easily.


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