Ask The Expert: How To Pest Proof Your Home For Good?

Residential places have to keep their surroundings clean to maintain a healthy environment. At the same time, they have also to maintain their house and look for ways to keep certain problems at bay. This also includes pests and insects that make their way inside a house. Pest infestation is a very common occurrence, and most homeowners have to deal with pests in homes. To prevent pests from occurring, one must keep their house clean. However, suppose your house is already infested with pests. In that case, you can call in a professional Residential Pest Control service provider to get rid of the pests and prevent any further such infestation. 

Ways to Pest Proof Your Home 

The three best ways to keep a house pest free and avoid them from entering the home are as follows- 

Seal the doors and windows 

You may you that closed doors and windows will only keep away the intruders. However, they also keep away the pests and other insects. A properly sealed and locked door will help keep unwanted pests out of the house. It would help closely examine the doors and any unsealed gaps and openings in the pathways and the doorways, which can let pests enter the house. Small gaps and holes allow insects and pests to crawl under the door and make their way inside the home. It is imperative to install a strong and sturdy steel and aluminum threshold beneath the door. 

Some people feel that the aluminum and steel thresholds may look odd and reduce the home’s aesthetics. There is a good alternative to the steel and aluminum threshold that is clear caulk. These can be used to seal and lock the door frame joints and the bottom of the door. You can also find affordable and cheap door closers online and local home improvement stores. Anyone can install door closers and door sealing devices to keep their doors closed from all ends and keep pests out. 

Maintain the yard and garden 

One may not think, but a poorly maintained lawn or yard can also be the reason behind the entry of pests and insects inside a home. Yard maintenance plays a very important role in keeping pest infestations at bay, especially when talking about mosquitoes, bees, and fleas. Water clogging in the yard can breed mosquitoes and grow in number. Keeping the yard and lawn excessively freeform water from accumulating is important. Clogging can also cause other types of pests to occur as excessive water can impact the quality of soil and increase the growth of pests. Make sure to clean the garden and years every once in a while and replace the water in the fountains and pools if you have any by chance. 

Keep home interiors clean 

The most important step towards pest prevention is keeping the home clean. If the house is not clean enough and the surroundings are dirty, pests will breed and increase. You should keep all the surfaces inside the house clean, especially the kitchen cabinets and bookshelves. It would also help keep the house clutter-free as unnecessary clutter attracts pests and insects to feed on them. Any types of unprotected foods, water sources, and waste should be eliminated from the house. 

When the house is free from the unwanted house resources, pests and bugs will not be able to enter the home and leave the place to move on to some other station. Keep rate drainage clean and operational to avoid the increased chances of pests.


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